Vol. 24 No. 2 (2023): Special Issue
Special Issue

Second Language Assessment in Online Classes: New Trends

A special issue edited by :

Ehsan Namaziandost 
PhD in Applied Linguistics (TEFL); 
1) Department of General Courses, Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz, Iran 
2) Department of English Language Teaching, Ahvaz Branch, Islamic. Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran

Afsheen Rezai 
Department of Teaching English and Linguistics, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Ayatollah Ozma Borujerdi, Borujerd City, Iran 


Afsheen Rezai (Author)
6 - 31
Online Peer-Dynamic Assessment as an Approach for Promoting Listening Comprehension and Relieving Learning Anxiety: Evidence from Iranian EFL Learners
Ali Shaddad (Author)
Self-assessment and Immunity in Online Language Learning: Probing into The Impacts of Critical Thinking, Self-Efficacy, and Academic Resilience
Anwar Al Rashidi (Author)
Ways to Decrease Anxiety in Online Assessment: Can Self-Assessment, Teacher Support, Self-esteem, and L2 Grit Be Empowering?
I-Chen Chen (Author)
Enhancing EFL Students' Writing Skills through Formative Assessments in a Blended Learning Course
Ima Fitriyah, Imelda Gozali, Utami Widiati, Niamika El Khoiri, Amreet Kaur Jageer Singh (Author)
EFL Writing Teachers’ Practices and Values of Assessment for and as Learning in A Constrained Context
Kaveh Jalilzadeh, Christine Coombe , Behzad Nezakatgoo , Nasibeh Bagherpour (Author)
Demystifying the Challenges of E-Assessment in Turkish Preparatory Language Schools
Khaled Ibrahim (Author)
How to Moderate Student Evaluation Apprehension and Increase Academic Achievement in Online Assessment: An Insight into the Roles of Critical Thinking, Self-esteem, and Self-assessment
Liqaa Habeb Al-Obaydi, Marcel Pikhart , Ragad M Tawafak (Author)
Online Assessment in Language Teaching Environment through Essays, Oral Discussion, and Multiple-Choice Questions
Fatemeh Sharifi , Mehrdad Sepehri, Sajad Shafiee (Author)
Examining Online Dynamic Assessment and Use of Cognitive Reading Comprehension Strategies among Iranian Male and Female ESP Students: Students’ Attitudes in Focus
Marziye Keshavarz , Nasim Ghanbari, Parisa Abdolrezapour (Author)
The Effect of Test Delivery Mode (Online Vs. Paper-Based) On EFL Integrated Writing Assessment
Omar Al-majd (Author)
Negative Wash-back Effect in Online Assessment: Learners Inadequacy in Language Skills and Disengagement are the offspring
Sayed Ismail, Tahereh Heydarnejad (Author)
Online assessment via LMS and the Importance of Portfolio assessment: A Study on the Effects of Test Taking Skills, Buoyancy, Techno-Stress, and Language Achievement
Supiani Supiani, Noni Mia Rahmawati , Ratnawati ., Titik Lina Widyaningsih , Nunung Suryati , Nur Mukminatien (Author)
EFL Students' Language Accuracy Development through Self-Assessment from Online Written Feedback: How Do They Experience and Perceive It?
Tahereh Heydarnejad (Author)
Mirroring Learning-oriented Assessment in On-line Classes: The Nexus Between Self-evaluation, Academic Resilience, Positive Orientation, Enjoyment, and Language Achievement
Ehsan Namaziandost, Afsheen Rezai (Author)
Special issue: Second Language Assessment in Online Classes: New Trends
Dulfqar Mhaibes Abdulrazzaq (Author)
69 -85
Online Assessment or Offline Assessment, Which One Is More Aggressive? The Impacts on Willingness to Communicate, Test Taking Anxiety, And Language Achievement
Vijayakumar.S, Sheik Hameed N, Akhter Habib Shah, Horizan Prasanna Kumar S, A. Sathikul Ameen (Author)
Designing Effective Computerized Assessments for Promoting Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Online Environments
Dulfqar Mhaibes Abdulrazzaq, Mohamed Sayed Abdellatif (Author)
Online Assessment or Offline Assessment, Which One Is More Addressive? The Impacts on Willingness to Communicate, Test Taking Anxiety, And Language Achievement