A Review of the Book, Multimodal Composing Strategies for Twenty-First-Century Writing Consultations


This is a review of an edited volume of fourteen chapters on multimodal composing strategies for twenty-first-century writing consultations. With contributions from experts in the field, the book outlines the intricacies of multimodal composing strategies. It offers an extensive analysis of multimodalities and multiliteracies the current century has made possible.  The content is accessible to readers and enriched by a wealth of references, podcasts, videos, and a companion website, providing readers with additional context and exploration opportunities. It is important for a wide range of readers interested in digital literacy and modern multimodal pedagogy as it provides insights into using multimodal elements through pedagogical interventions. The book is a testament to the editors' and contributors' extensive knowledge and familiarity with multimodality and the strategies that promote multi-readership and multimodal writing.


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