Investigating the Impact of Transparent Language Online on L2 Listening Outcomes


Listening proficiency
second language
technology integration
Transparent Language Online
Web-delivered language learning platform


This study investigates the impact of Transparent Language Online (TLO) on L2 listening outcomes at the tertiary level. The participants (N = 1,000) were L2 learners who had diverse cultural, linguistic and technological backgrounds and displayed major disparities in their English language skills. They had minimal to no prior proficiency in English listening skills. Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) listening tests were used to collect data. The data gathered were statistically analyzed to address the research questions and examine statistical hypotheses. Using TLO, the learners reached the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels B1 intermediate or B2 upper intermediate in listening. No other skills were examined. The findings indicate that Transparent Language can be an effective Web-delivered platform for improving L2 listening.


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