A Review of TubeQuizard.com


website review
language learning
listening quizzes


This article reviews a web-based educational tool named TubeQuizard, which allows users to create interactive listening quizzes based on YouTube subtitled videos. The platform offers pre-made quizzes with a wide range of topics, levels, and language points. Besides that, TubeQuizard allows EFL teachers and learners to choose videos beyond its collection and modify quizzes to suit their purposes. Therefore, it is beneficial for improving listening skills and other components of language, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling. It is worth noting that educators can use TubeQuizard to design tasks for both teaching and assessment progress. The website also aids students in self-learning activities to enhance their language competency. Along with its significant advantages, TubeQuizard has some minor drawbacks that could be improved.


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