Systematic Review on the Impact of Technology-Supported Writing Environment for Developing Writing Skills


Technology integration, Pedagogy, L2 Writing, online learning platforms, virtual and augmented reality


This study aims to examine the research on applying technology to writing instruction and synthesise the significant findings and trends from 2015 and 2023. Based on pre-set selection criteria, articles from numerous databases and esteemed peer-reviewed publications were chosen for the analysis. The studies were classified according to the study year, research methodology, theoretical framework, technological tools, and writing stage at which technology was used. The study identified critical educational outcomes of technology integration in developing writing skills in language learners and concluded that including technology in writing instruction could have several benefits. The report also makes suggestions for future research and practice. The systematic review will be helpful for researchers in CALL and individuals interested in using technology in language instruction. This study eventually identifies research gaps and suggests areas for additional analysis


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