The Effectiveness of Digital based Learning on Alphabet Signs and Word learning in Persian to non-Persian-Speaking Children


Digital instructional game
Alphabet signs learning
Letter composition learning
Non-Persian-speaking children


The present study investigates the effectiveness of digital instructional games (DGBL) on alphabet signs (AS) and Word Learning (WL) in Persian to non-Persian-speaking children. The quasi-experimental method with a pretest-posttest design was applied to the study. Fifty-nine participants were chosen randomly out of 400 students in Kalat-e Naderi, Iran. The participants were randomly divided into experimental and control groups. Descriptive and inferential (covariance) statistics were used to analyze the data. The findings revealed that DGBL significantly enhances the AS and the WL in Persian to non-Persian-speaking children. It is concluded that instructing the AS and WL using the DGBL can improve the learners' performance in Persian learning.


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