A Review of the AI Feedback Generating Website "EAP Talk"


The role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play in the future of language education remains unknown. Yet, there are ongoing efforts to explore this new frontier. With the advancements of natural language processing (NLP), collocation extraction, and point mutual information, computers are more easily able to comprehend recorded human speech. These technologies, combined with other ubiquitous technologies, such as smart phones, tablets, and the internet, can now afford language learners with instant feedback in a variety of ways. Pikhart (2020) has called for educators to keep pace with these technological advances, to ensure that educational institutions and processes remain competitive and viable means of language learning. This includes pragmatic utilization of AI for online courses, eLearning, and educational mobile apps. This article reviews one of these efforts, EAP Talk, which is self-described as “an AI-powered system that allows EFL learners in the context of higher education to practice speaking and delivering academic presentations” (“EAP Talk User guide for students”, n.d.).


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