Editorial Note

JALT CALL N-SIG has been one of the very active N-SIGs since its foundation in 1992. As we have commerced publishing an electronic journal (CALL-EJ) in August, 1996, it quickly became a worldly-known electronic journal. We hope that this second issue will arouse and excite both CALL N-SIG members and non-members alike, though there are again not enough articles available due to various reasons. However, I strongly hope that CALL-EJ will continuously contribute for those interested in CAI/CAL/CALT/CALL/CELL not only in Japan but also in other countries.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the contributors, the advisory board members, and CALL N-SIG officers for their great help and cooperation.

Those of you who would like to contribute for the next issue, please read the guideline or contact Kazunori Nozawa.


Kazunori Nozawa
CALL-EJ Editor-in-chief